Who is Wanelo’s Target Audience?

Wanelo marketing is currently only relevant for companies that have online stores. Makeup brands, swimsuit manufacturers and scrapbook craft providers are all companies that could benefit from a presence on Wanelo. Posting your products on Wanelo and interacting with other users is a great way to get your name and your products out there.

The target audience for Wanelo is women, and the majority of their followers are girls between their teen years and their thirties. If your business’s target audience is the same, there is no excuse to hold back! Create a Wanelo store account, and start posting your products! Be sure to be social (it IS a social network, after all), post other things and be interesting—make your profile stand out!

Let’s be honest, most women and teenage girls love, love, love shopping. And the most popular styles and brands on Wanelo cater towards women and young people.  Even more so, the applications that Wanelo features cater to young females due to their love for fashion and the strong association between women and fashion. Teens and young adults have grown up sharing their thoughts and ideas online. Ask your boyfriend or husband to go shopping with you and they will probably tell you that they would rather watch sports on TV. So it’s only natural that a lot of the stores on Wanelo cater to teenage girls and women.  However, in recent studies it has been proven that 30% of men are shopping online today compared to only 18% of women.  As of right now, women make up 90%  Wanelo traffic. But, with menswear sales growing faster than women’s, there is no doubt that Wanelo will make the necessary adjustments. It is predicted that menswear sales will contribute about $40 billion to the global economy by the year 2019. (Sheesh)

As the graph shows below, Wanelo definitely has a target audience which is for women. I think if we check these number in the coming years, we will see that this will have changed. I predict that the percentage for men shopping on their site will have grow at least 20% within the next couple of years.


Check it out! These numbers are crazy http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/wanelo.com


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