Pinterest vs Wanelo

Everyone has their favorite online stores. And for each store you shop at you have a different username and password, which can be a real hassle; there is that 1% of online shoppers that either use the same username and password for every website (Joke). Then you also have the problem of your email being inundated with all of the different confirmations of your purchases from different websites. I have thousands, literally thousands of confirmation emails and tracking numbers. Bottom line is, wouldn’t it be easier if we could go to one site and do all of our shopping.

Pinterest wasn’t initially a social shopping site, but with their new features like rich pins, it certainly is today. As a shopping site, Pinterest is not structured like a traditional e-commerce site. Their products are mixed in among a variety of other pins, such as product reviews, articles, quotes, and much more. As the embodiment of a shopping discovery site, Pinterest seamlessly incorporates social facets. It also allows you to make pin boards of your favorite pins, and follow your favorite pinners. Product pin pages, from which you can click off-site to buy, are listed with a picture, price, re-pinned count, and options to share socially.


Wanelo has taken certain features of Pinterest and Instagram and made it their own. All the products on Wanelo are posted by users, but the products are then automatically organized into brand stores. The main social action on Wanelo is to “Save” products–the equivalent of a Like or Pin–and 8 million products are saved a day. The interaction on Wanelo is very content-oriented, despite the underlying products people can buy. Wanelo’s users have been intensely saving products. They also can comment on them, discuss them and follow people with similar interests. People can also follow certain categories through hashtags, such as “#handbags.” Unlike on Pinterest, all the items on Wanelo are products that people can click to buy on the original sites. This is sheer brilliance. If Wanelo can take some things from Facebook, as they have done so with Pinterest and Instagram, they would have everything they need in one interface. Teens and adults (well maybe not so much the adults because the teens will be spending their money like crazy), will be in absolute shopper’s heaven.


Look for yourself


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