How To Bag A Millennial

The founder of Wanelo, (“wah-nee-loh” from Want, Need, Love), Deena Varshavskaya, clearly knew her users, younger, female millennials, when she launched this digital mall in 2012. Funny enough, it is said that Wanelo envisions it’s users as a “bunch of drunk toddlers”. Wanelo allows individuals to make purchases ranging from accessories, apparel, home and other fashion products without having to travel to the traditional mall. While online shopping is growing more and more every day, Wanelo has made digital shopping much easier. (As if it could get any easier)


Although already about as user friendly as digital shopping could get, Wanelo wanted to make it even easier. Initially after consumers would find a product they wanted, they had to leave the Wanelo application and go to the merchant’s site to make the purchase. As of today, the digital mall has partnered with over 550k stores and has over 30M products, and has implemented the “buy” button to allow the shopper to make their purchase on-site. Because of this, Wanelo now has 11 million users, up from 1 million in 2013. Sephora, Nike, Free People, Crate & Barrel, ModCloth, Yoox, Forever 21 and Nasty Gal are among those that have joined their product feeds with Wanelo, driven by return on investment. Urban Outfitters recently found that Wanelo has driven four times as much revenue for the company as other social networks. (Wow)


It’s clear that Deena Varshavskaya knows how to attract more and more users saying “Users don’t care to read your website top-to-bottom very carefully,” Varshavskaya says. “They just want to use it very lazily. That’s why ‘drunk toddler’ is a really good filter. What would happen if you didn’t have all of your mental presence to use a product? It needs to be that simple.” (Couldn’t have said it better myself) In the years coming, I truly believe it would be a very wise move for marketers of small and large brands to utilize Wanelo and everything it has to offer. Remember this company is ONLY four years old; this new digital mall is going to continue to grow with the millennials. (This is a bandwagon you want to jump on)

This is what the millennials want…Check it out



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